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Intuitively interact with any device using your mind

Thought-Wired is building a non-invasive universal brain-computer interface (BCI).

This interface will enable anyone to intuitively interact with any device using their mind.

We have already built and launched a product that is changing people's lives and is the first step on the path to the universal BCI.

For people who have physical disabilities which affect all their limbs it can be difficult to control a computer.

Nous lets people control assistive software by blinking. It only uses your intentional blinks, so you can still blink comfortably. 

A wearable headset detects intentional blinks, while our software uses them to 'click' on a computer.


Nous is a unique switch access method, as it is affordable, simple,  user friendly, and faster than alternative switch access methods.  

nous Blink to Click introduction screen

Nous™ Blink to Click is here!

VR: Immersive Education

Register for our virtual reality experience, Talking Mimes  - a touching, funny, infuriating, harrowing and ultimately hopeful experience drawn from true stories of people with profound physical disabilities. An emotional education piece developed for everyone - whether you're a caregiver, teacher, support worker, health professional, family member, friend, lover, hater, or total stranger to disability...

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