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For people who have physical disabilities which affect all their limbs it can be difficult to control a computer.

Nous lets people control assistive software by blinking. It only uses your intentional blinks, so you can still blink comfortably. 

A wearable headset detects intentional blinks, while our software uses them to 'click' on a computer.


Nous is a unique switch access method, as it is affordable, simple,  user friendly, and faster than alternative switch access methods.  

nous Blink to Click introduction screen

Nous™ Blink to Click

VR: Immersive Education

Register for our virtual reality experience, Talking Mimes  - a touching, funny, infuriating, harrowing and ultimately hopeful experience drawn from true stories of people with profound physical disabilities. An emotional education piece developed for everyone - whether you're a caregiver, teacher, support worker, health professional, family member, friend, lover, hater, or total stranger to disability...

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